The Tests

Session 4

The Lands of Barovia

Leaving the now destroyed Durst House, seemingly cleansed of its former evil, our party meets with two strange travellers. After questioning the loyalty of their Drow companion, and offering to kill him to keep them safe, the party politely decline and are provided food and shelter just outside the town. Here they learn about their true quest: Destroy Strahd! Our new, maybe allies, Simon and Rose offer some advice. Seeing the half-orcs of the group Simon suggests visiting the newly established Half-Orc village to the North or exploring the Town of Vallaki to the North-west. Our party decide to travel to the Half-Orc village hoping that meeting some of their kin will help rally the Half-Orcs to their cause. Entering the woods to the west of Barovia our group learn that Simon and Rose are no longer welcome in Vallaki for having extreme thoughts on destroying Strahd. Midway through conversation an ambush of Strahd Zombies and shadows are ready to destroy the party. Adrick is taken aback by Branka’s new ancestral guardians, and Rose appears to cast a terrifyingly evil spell. A massive shine of light spreads from Adrick’s holy censer obliterating the shadows and leaving the zombies weak enough for the party to take down. After the battle a mysterious swirling smoke takes a familiar form. Strahd himself has come down to inspect his new entertainment. After sizing up the party he leaves as quick as he arrived. Undeterred, our party makes their way North to the village of Olth. A town Pawler instantly recognizes is littered with Spider imagery reminiscent of Lolth – the Spider Goddess of the Drow. After being invited into the village to speak with the High-Chief Garif the group learns they must prove they are warriors worthy of the Tribe’s trust. They are implored to enter the woods at nightfall and return with fangs and stingers of the giant spiders that haunt the woods. In the meantime Adrick returns to his quarters and prepares for the dangerous task ahead. Branka and Milton explore the town and return with some armour. Pawler discovers a long abandoned temple of Lolth that the Half-Orcs have not restored yet. Exploring the rooms of the church Pawler discovers the High-Priestess’ quarters with a dusty leather tome and a secret drawer. Opening the hidden compartment Pawler is blasted by a fireball from a hidden trap. After shaking off the fire, he finds a ring and a couple health potions. With that the company returns and waits until nightfall for their Spider hunt…


andrew_ramsook andrew_ramsook

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