The Tests

Session 3

Escape from the Death House

After a much needed rest our adventurers head out once again to explore the rest of this dungeon. Traveling to an unexplored area of the dungeon our team finds what must be the living quarters of the former cultists. Exploring the area they find some otherwise uninteresting items each adorned with ornate gems, and a silvered shortsword. Finding a set of stairs the group travels down even deeper into the dungeon as the mysterious chants get louder and louder. The stairs lead to an antechamber full of relics. While all of them look to be magical, they are destroyed with relative ease. Following the chanting the group finds a locked gate. After a skillful negotiation of the gate, that involves both trying to beat it down and then finding a lever to open, the team enters the ritual sacrifice room. Our Dwarf, eager to cleanse this house of evil jumps upon the raised centre pillar. After a while the source of the chanting is discovered. Robed spectres are circling the high roof of the room seemingly waiting for a sacrifice. Not giving into the will of these evil ghosts Adrick jumps down off the pillar that supports the sacrificial altar. Angering the spirits they unleash an evil shambling mound to make Adrick the sacrifice they desire. After a great battle that ended with Adrick immolating the large plant completely obliterating it, the group, tired and withered leave to confirm all the evil is cleansed from this dungeon. They eventually find their way to a magnificently large wooden statue. Pawler takes some time to explore the face of the man in the statue. Is it human? Is it elf? Is it half-elf? All signs point to no. Removing a crystal orb held in the statue the group decides to leave the dungeon by way of a secret exit discovered by Branka. Milton taking the lead learns that the once pristine house is now covered in a dark, poisonous smoke and the doors have been replaced with a series of swinging blades. After some trial and a lot more error the team manages to escape the house, however Pawler, has a touch of bad luck dodging the blades and is knocked unconscious. With no time to waste they pick up their Drow companion and exit the house. Only to be greeted by two mysterious figures…


andrew_ramsook andrew_ramsook

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