The Tests

Session 2:

Ghosts and Ghouls

After a well earned rest our adventurers wake after a sleep/trance. Interestingly, they notice that despite the presumed hour, the lack of sunlight does not reflect the hour.

Continuing to explore the third floor of the Durst House they find the room of the former nursemaid haunted by it’s former tenant.

Swiftly defeating the spectre and discovering the remains and spirits of Rose and Thorn Durst. The children, who are not illusions this time, give the group access to a secret tunnel that leads down into the basement dungeon. Exploring the dungeon they discover the tombs that were meant for Rose and Thorn. Laying the spirits to rest the party is imbued with the good blessings of the spirit children.

Continuing to explore the dungeon, our adventurers are ambushed by a grick and a group of ghouls that used to be members of the dark cult of the house. Feeling wary of what future trials this dungeon has to offer the party retreats to the crypts of Rose and Thorn and rest up to finish exploring and cleansing this cursed house


andrew_ramsook andrew_ramsook

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