The Tests

Session 1:

A Meeting in the Woods

Four adventurer’s find themselves lost in a misty wood.

Milton, Half-Orc Paladin of Torm finds himself drawn to the forest, presumably guided by Torm.

Adrick Saintforge, an exorcist doing the work of Amaunator, God of the Sun. A Hill-Dwarf obsessed with cleansing the world of all things evil and undead.

Pawler, a Drow wanderer who has left his home in the Underdark. His reason’s his own.

Finally, Branka, a Half-Orc with a strange interest in learning more about human folk.

After following individual paths in this dark and misty forest each adventurer eventually winds up alone at a long abandoned campsite. After stopping to take a moment to rest the remains of the campfire suddenly spring to life and in a flash, our adventurers meet each other. After an uneasy introduction, particularly between our cleric and Drow friends, our group finds a letter that calls them to a local village.

After spending some time gathering information in the local inn. Our adventurer’s learn that the village of Barovia is under the tyranny of Strahd – an entity referred to only as “The Devil”. Making their way to a house that carries the same Windmill symbol as the letter for help found in the campsite. As they approach the house they find the Fog slowly creeping in covering their exit. They hear the crying of a little boy. Another gaunt girl is trying to quiet the boy Pawler quickly determines the children are an illusion. With nowhere else to go they make their way into the Durst House.

Exploring this house the party discovers that this was once the site of some very profane rituals. The holy men of the group decide they will return and destroy the books that describe the rituals, but first they need to uncover the site of the rituals and destroy an evil that may have come from them.

Slowly making their way up and up to the third floor the group are jumped and attacked by an animated armour. After quickly vanquishing the foe the party retreats to a bedroom at rest for the evening. Ready to face the rest of the house in the morning.


andrew_ramsook andrew_ramsook

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